Thursday, February 15, 2018

By Skype Chat You Can Send Money via Paypal Account

Send and Receive Money in Skype Chat Through Paypal Account :

Sending money and receiving money through online various sources like Net banking, Wallet, UPI etc. Now the Paypal and Skype announced the latest update, Now you can transfer and receive the money in Paypal through Skype.

Paypal partnership with Skype parented company Microsoft has announced, In Skype app user can transfer and receive the money by linking the Paypal verified account. The latest update that user can transfer and receive the money in more than 22 countries.This feature will available in updated version of Skype mobile app. The user can send money though their Paypal account by swiping right navigation. The "Send Money" page will display, while pressing the send money button you can send money. The "Send Money" option will available in latest version only, So you need to update the latest version to use the feature and money can receive any version of the Skype.

For the first time user and existing user who are update the latest version want to send money in Skype app. You want to confirm the location to use the features. Once user will enable the location the will confirm the latest version is available in the location. And, then Skype will notify the user to link the Paypal account to Skype.

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