Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to Improve / Increase Computer Speed | Boost Your PC Perfomance


3 Simple Ways To Enhance The Performance Of Your PC

Many of them while using their computer will be slow due to large amount of data has been stored in your computer. Now In your mind will run one question that how to boost my computer or in simple word how to increase my computer speed.There are many advantages of working on computers and a lot of them can be done in minimal time. But many times you must have noticed slow performance of your PC which can be very depressing and can waste you lots of time. When this happens there is nothing big to deal with. It is just a simple problem which can be solved easily by following few steps. To make your machine  working, restart them  frequently. This will just take a few minutes but you will see a notable difference in weather. Now I show you how to fix a slow computer.

Keep your desktop clean


It is very important that you keep your device clean and do not let dust sit on it. Cleaned and free of dust PC will always work better and will boost up the speed. Does not use soap and water for computer repair. This cleaning means to get rid of extra files which are not needed anymore to get more space you can use the hard disk. When performing this it is important that you do not delete your important files.Every morning when you wake up check up your mails that you get from unknown senders. People download everything from the internet such as software and files which are of no use. Unfortunately they remain where they are and utilize space which makes the performance of the PC slow. To get a better performance , you must keep much space in your PC. Get rid of all the material which you do not use. At least in one month you can perform a PC scan. The scan will itself help you a lot in removing clutter and will make sure that nothing is going to up any effect on your computer. Here are few other ways by which you can increase the PC performance in few minutes.


This system is very easy to start and an actually built in feature. You can find it by going to start and clicking on the search button type disk de-fragmentation or just go to the control panel and see it under the creation   and maintain to make things lots easier to delete all the files such as videos and application which you are not using anymore.

Install software

There is no one in this world that will ever do it in such a situation. The main function of the anti virus software is to catch down the virus and do not let your computer run slow. Make sure that the software you are using for protection is of high quality because it can also become the reason of slowing down and crashing of the computer. Today you are going to find comprehensive software.

These are the three ways by which you can maintain the health of your PC. It is important that you take care of your PC health regularly to get better performance.