Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Protect Your Content by Simple Trick

How to Protect Website Content
How to protect my website content or how I can stop other webmasters from copying my website content is what everybody asking for. I now explain you step by step procedure to be followed to stop other webmasters copying your site content.

First Step : Verify whether your website content being copied by other webmaster. For that you have to  type your website URL in Copyscape URL box. After typing website URL click Go. It will redirect to the page where you can see list of websites url copied your website content. See Second Picture
Enter your site url - Copyscape
Second Step : See the below picture which are the URLs stolen your website content. There some website stolen your website content or in other words copied your website content. First send an  e-mail to those websites to remove the content immediately.  If still those websites not in a position to remove stolen your website content. Then send a request to Google to remove those URLs from Google Search Results Index.
Have you found Web Spam Report to Google
You see which website(s) copied your content here
 Third Step : Now you can put, Copyscape Plagiarism Warning Banner to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content. See below the gallery of banners. You can select any of these banners for your website and put it on either on Widget area or on the footer area.
Protected by Copyscape - Banner
Fourth Step : How to report Google about this spam or copied content.
Go to Google Webmaster Tools, then login your Google Account and choose the topic which is appropriate to your query. Then post your feedback there.
Google Webmaster Tools - Spam Report
You can choose the right topic from this below link
See the below picture “Click” Report Webspam Button.
Webspam report - Google Webmaster Tools
Fifth Step : Type the URL (Copied your website content URL) in the first box, Second type the exact words or query you already typed in the Google Search Box. Third if any addition details if you are able to provide it is easier for Google to take action on this regard. So it is upto you provide full details and help Google to remove those copied content websites from Google Search Results Page.
How to Protect Website Content – Type your Query in Google Search, If you find out some website(s) copied your site content. Put Copyscape Plagiarism Warning Banner, send content removal request to those website(s) and report spam to Google Webmaster Tools.

Last but not least, put Copyscape Plagiarism Warning Banner on your website. Please read the below Golden words by Copyscape.com in their website.
Defend your site with a plagiarism warning banner to warn potential plagiarists against stealing your content. Choose a banner from the gallery below and click to add it to your site. Please only use these banners if your content is your own.