Sunday, May 21, 2017

WhatsApp Update add New Feature to iOS 10 and Android BETA

new whatsapp update

WhatsApp updated previously many feature like calling, voice calling, encryption etc. WhatsApp planning to launch new update like lock screen, Siri API, Rich notification and Drawing tool.

WhatsApp in iOS 10 will connect with Siri API:

Siri API is an third-party tool can access six application it introduce in sirikit at WWDC 2016 and keynote presentation on upcoming update.
Siri API support will send the message and voice calls (audio and video) will access the contact by using Whatsapp. In iOS 10 access the notification and Apps on the lock screen, that user can replay message directly from the screen.While using the force touch on the WhatsApp icon, it allows to your contact list from your recent list. Rich notification support for iOS is under development, but WhatsApp not conform for upcoming update. 

WhatsApp Drawing Tool for Android Beta:

For Android user the WhatsApp has launched an new upgrade version to play store android Beta include drawing tool for any given photo. The upgrade version that new forward picture/sticker separate contact list into two portion. The upper portion is view as most frequent contact list and lower portion is separate address bar in the device.