Friday, September 2, 2016

Recover Gmail Password | Forget Google Account Password

Now-a-days we all have depended on digital life that we have many security password to remembered. The google account plays an important role like gmail, google drive etc nothing but we can access all google services by using one Username and Password.The post is related to how to recovery the google account password, that if you forgot your password or not accessed your gmail account for a longer time its very difficulty to remember the gmail account password.

Recovering gmail password :

  • Firstly go to google account recovery page with the help of search engine.
  • Click on Find my account
  • Then Forgot your username page will associate with two recovery methods.                       
    • Enter your recovery email address.
    • Enter your recovery phone number.

  • Select any one method for account recovery, After that google can reset your password quickly.
  • If you don't remember any one recovery method the google can attempt to verify your identity and recovery your password.

By verifying identity with google is better to create new google account