Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Create Gmail Account | Step-by-Step Gmail Sign Up


Creating gmail account in simple steps by step guide.

1. In address box type the and press the enter button. The google search box   will appear.
2. In search box type the, the title will be shown click on the link.
3. Click on the link Create Account at bottom of the sign page form.
4. Fill the registration form details in the page.
5. Choose the Username and Password.
6. Re-entered the Password in Confirm your Password box.
7. Next enter your Birthday details.

8. Select the gender.
9. Enter the mobile number.

10. Type your current email address.
11. Tick the check box for accepting the google's terms of service and policy.
12. Final step for gmail signup, click on Next button.
Then finally your account will be created and the Google welcome page will appeared. This is complete step by step guide for creating gmail account.